**2022 coming soon! 

  • APRIL 2021 East Greenland Ski Expedition (complete ~ woohoo!)
    Skiing with Pete in Greenland is hands down THE MOST EXCLUSIVE ski trip on earth.  In 2020 we get to ski from the new ship, Tulu, owned and Skippered by our same beloved partners.  Each day we will explore a new fjord and adjacent mountain range sharing no runs with other helicopters or skiers.  Come and experience Polar Powder for yourself and see why Pete is returning for his 21st season in a row!
  • SPRING 2021 Bears Ears Hiking Trips with Kim (complete!
    Spring 2021 we are donating hiking and exploring adventures in the Bears Ears area of Canyonlands to raise money for Nepali families that are in dire need thanks to Covid. Contact us for itineraries and details, weeks are filling up FAST for these!
  • JULY 2021– Via Ferrata Italy Dolomites (complete!)
    This is a terrific family or couples adventure trip! We begin this adventure in Arco, Italy, the heart of adventure in the Italian Alps. After a couple of days of exciting adventures in Arco, we head into the stunning Brenta Group of the Dolomites.  Day by day we hike through the Brenta sleeping and dining in comfortable Italian mountain lodges.  Each day offers options for hikers and for the more intrepid, via ferratas.  On either end of the trip, we can add on the beautiful cities of Verona and/or Venice.  Ciao!
  • AUGUST 2021 Ski with Pete in South America (cancelled due to Chile/Covid)
    Pete returns to Chile every August for epic heli-skiing in the Andes. If you love to ski and have not skied in the Andes, then contact Pete pronto! The Andes are an amazing blend of volcanoes, rugged rocky peaks and cold, dry Chile Powder.
  • SEPTEMBER 4-11, 2021 ~ Sailing in Croatia  (complete!)
    Currently our most popular trip! This amazing journey begins exploring the historical Old City of Dubrovnik followed by one week of sailing the incredible Dalmatian Islands.  To see what these trips look like, check out our blogs and our Instagram  ~ @mtnspiritslife
  • OCTOBER 2-9, 2021  Tuscan Archipelago Sailing (complete!)
    The Tuscan Archipelago is a new sailing destination for us.  Stacia has sailed and explored these islands extensively and they look amazing!  Sea horses, even!  Who knew.  History…Napoleon hiding out.  Stay tuned for a full trip update and more of these on the schedule in 2022.
  • 2022 Trips and Dates coming soon! 
    Drop us a line if there are any trips that you want to get on YOUR schedule before ours fills up!


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