Join us in our search for the Aurora Borealis during the new moons during the prime viewing months of 2024!  

When do we go?

Fall to Early Spring are prime for Northern Lights viewing.  2024 is the peak of an 11 year solar storm cycle and will be a great time to view incredible auroras! 

Trip Overview
Travel to Fairbanks, Alaska, with Kim in search of the Northern Lights, a bucket list trip for many! Fairbanks lies under the “Aurora Oval” which means when the Northern Lights are out, you are in great position to see them. We visit during the“new moon” periods in winter for the long, moonless nights which allow for better viewing possibilities. When the solar storms cooperate, the Aurora Borealis will dance into view with a mesmerizing show of rippling ribbons of light in neon green, red, and gold. The intensity of their displays will leave you awe-struck! Fairbanks is a winter wonderland with great restaurants and lots of day time activities: dog sledding, snow shoeing, crossing country skiing and even hot springs.
  • Day 1 – travel to Fairbanks
  • Day 2 -6 Daily Activities such as snow shoeing, dog sled rides, hot springs and exploring. 
  • Day 7 ~ Depart Fairbanks
What's Included
  • Included:
    VRBO Style Accommodations (Double Occupancy)
  • Ground Transportation
  • Breakfast & snacks
  • Photography classes
  • Chena HotSprings

Not Included:
Airfare to AK

Aurora Oval
The Aurora Oval

Aurora Oval in green.  Visiting any spot that lies under the oval offers the best chance of viewing.