2024 dates

 Taking requests for weeks in 2024 now ! We just finished a week in August (2023) which was perfect weather.  


Trip Overview

The Azores have been described as gardens in the middle of the Atlantic and they truly are.  Filled with green landscape and flowers, these volcanic islands have so much to offer.  August 2023 we did our first trip to the island of Sao Miguel – with some of our group mountain biking and others riding horses with some side trips for golf and whale watching! It is truly magical experience to visit this tropical area 1000 miles off the coast of Portugal (that has very FEW mosquitoes and no snakes!)

During the week we stayed in a 17th century “Quinta” centrally located near the beach and Ponta Delgada.  After biking and riding, we were able to walk to “Sunset Beach” and swim in the Atlantic.  The ocean here is blessed with a jet stream current that warms the water from its cold reputation. 

If you are interested in exploring the incredible Azores, drop us a line! 

When do we go?

Summer 🙂 

  • Day 1 – travel to Ponta Delgado, Sao Miguel Azores
  • Day 2 -7 Horse riding, biking, hiking and exploring this amazing island! 
  • Day 8 ~ Depart
What's Included
  • Included:
  • Mountain Spirits Guides
  • Ranch Style Accommodations (Double Occupancy)
  • Ground Transportation
  • Activities
  • Meals 

Not Included:

Azores, Madeira, and Canary Islands, political map. Autonomous regions of Portugal and Spain, archipelagos of volcanic islands, in the Macaronesia region of North Atlantic ocean, next to North Africa.