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Heli Ski

Mountain Spirits specializes in Helicopter skiing and ski touring trips in remote and exotic locations around the globe.  We put together small groups of passionate skiers to explore the world’s most mind blowing ski terrain and epic snow conditions!


April- May

Greenland is one of the last truly wild places on earth, a treasury of vast vistas, glaciers, fjords and mountains. Mountain Spirits first explored Greenland in 2000. We have returned every year since offering three different exotic ski trips.

Heli Ski from KISAQ

This is the ultimate heli-ski trip!  We live and ski from the Kisaq, a family run boat that has decades of experience navigating the 25,000 miles of coast line of Greenland. Greenland is mostly ice (840,000 sq. miles of it!) and 608,000 sq. miles is inland ice.  Where the ice spills into the fjords is some of the most breath taking ski terrain in the world.  The terrain styles encompass Alaska style steeps to miles of wide open glacial runs. Since we are living on the Kisaq, we are able to travel to and ski some of the most remote terrain on earth while saving flight time for our groups.  In April and May the days are so long that we can often ski powder until mid afternoon and switch to corn in the warmth of the late afternoon sun.  On weather days the Kisaq has many options: ski touring, whale watching, wake boarding, sea kayaking, fishing or just plain chilling!  This trip is perfect with eight to ten skiers and three guides and is also available as a ski touring week.

Heli Ski from Hotel Maniitsoq

For the skiers who want to enjoy Greenland and a massage at the end of the day we base out of the Hotel Maniitsoq.  The hotel is situated on a hilltop overlooking the harbor of the small Inuit village of Maniitsoq island.  The hotel offers great food and wine with 21 private or double rooms, satellite TV, and wireless internet. The village has a modern hospital and all the facilities of a small town.  From here we can ski twelve skiers per week.  Each day we shuttle on group to the ski terrain via the helicopter and the other two groups travel out by speed boat. This not only saves our customers flight time for skiing, but also is a beautiful way to see the fjords. After a day of powder skiing we can take in the view with a glass of wine as we travel back to the hotel on the boat and if we are lucky see some whales on the way.

Ski Touring

A fantastic way to see and experience the pure nature of Greenland.  We live and ski from the Kisaq, each night parking in a different place – a protected bay or moored into the sea ice left over from the winter. Each day we ski tour one of the many spectacular peaks.  Enjoy Dreamland with the solitude of skinning up a peak looking out over the crystal blue waters!


During the months of July – September Pete leads helicopter trips to the amazing Andes mountains.  Pete works with South America’s premier hel-ski operator-Powder South.  Powder South has put together one of the most incredible heli-ski trips available in North or South America.  Our trips are based from Lodge Andino, a jewel of Andean hospitality.  The lodge, located in a beautiful walnut grove, has a hot tub, swimming pool, gourmet cuisine and miles of ranch land to hike or ride horses on weather days.  Due to the latitude and elevation the lodge has perpetual summer temperatures while in five short flying minutes we are skiing “Chili Powder!”  The Andes offer vast amounts of ski terrain at many different elevations to choose from. Get out of the heat of summer and join us for a week of skiing in one of the biggest mountain ranges in the world!

You can also Heli Ski with Pete in the following destinations:

  • Sun Valley Heli-Ski, Sun Valley, Idaho
  • Ruby Mountain Heli-Ski, Nevada
  • Himalayan Heli Adventures, Manali, India
  • Iceland
  • Alaska
  • Antarctica

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