Mountain Spirits Fund

Mountain Spirits began with a dream in the foothills of the Himalaya.  The Himalayan people, despite their profoundly simple ways of life, have always been the most giving people we have met on earth.  They share a smile, warmth, food, shelter and virtually anything they can.  Since we began running trips there, we have always felt the need to help.  Likewise, many of you who have traveled with us have felt the need to offer support.  As the need escalated, we started the Mountain Spirits Fund.

Starting in the 1990s, on every trip to Nepal, we brought over duffels of clothing for our staff and their families and for families in need in the mountains.  Then we worked to give our staff the gift of education.  For many, the first step was learning English.  With English they were able to attend guide schools. That led to sponsoring education for their children.  We helped to build a school in the Everest area. We placed teachers in schools in remote villages. We funded medical care for families in need of extended treatments.   Then, in 2015, the earthquake struck and the need for assistance went through the roof.  Our home community in Idaho responded with a lot of financial assistance and a clothing drive like no other!  People far and wide donated funds and support. In response, we upped our commitment to these families and incorporated The Mountain Spirits Fund, a legitimate 501c3. We partnered with grass roots organizations on the ground in Nepal to deliver aid and supplies and spent much of 2015 orchestrating relief efforts and visiting Nepal to deliver food, blankets and clothing.

Today the need continues.  We have finally purchased land to relocate our Langtang families that suffered massive losses of lives and property in 2015. Our next goal is to build this extended family a home.  In Nepal, the need will always continue.  Many villages do not offer education for kids after 6th grade.  Most do not have health care.  Most need chimneys and toilets.  There is never enough time or money to donate to these people.  We appreciate the help you have given and could not take care of our extended families without you. We hope that you can continue to help us help them.


The Mountain Spirits Fund was incorporated in 2015 and received IRS tax free status in 2017.

Click the link below to email our Director, Lisa Vaughn , with any questions.  

Thank you!