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Imagine a perfect day of powder skiing followed by the Northern Lights twinkling in the sky. This is Greenland! World class ski terrain in a traditional Inuit Arctic setting makes this a ski vacation unlike any other in the world. The long Arctic days and endless ski runs will keep you coming back year after year. Pete has been exploring here since 2000 and has possibly skied more terrain here than anyone else to date. With more than 30 years experience guiding heli-skiing in the US and abroad, Pete is the guide you want when choosing a remote, arctic heli-ski setting such as Greenland.

Ski Touring in Greenland is a unique way to see the amazing mountains, glaciers and fjords of Southern Greenland. We travel and ski from fjord to fjord on a comfortable live-aboard boat. Each day we explore a new fjord, discover new ski runs and return to the sea to meet our boat for a hot meal, whale watching and yet another beautiful arctic sunset.

Summer in Greenland is also amazing!  The long fjords of southern Greenland with their calving glaciers, sea life, wildflowers offer a unique trekking adventure. With the support of our Inuit guide, Adam Lyberth (known as the “Whale Whisperer”), we travel by boat from fjord to fjord and spend time exploring the trails, glaciers and colorful Inuit villages that dot the coast of southern Greenland. Here you are almost guaranteed to not see another visitor, with the exception of some hardy rock climbers, who have discovered that Greenland has Yosemite style granite faces to be climbed!

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