The Patagonian Andes run through 1200 miles of both Chile and Argentina, encompassing coastal wilderness, seemingly endless glaciers, temperate rainforests, volcanic cones, alpine lakes and diverse wildlife. Patagonia is made up of 3 primary areas: Torres Del Paine, located in the southern tip of Chile; the Fitzroy Massif, located in Argentina; and the Lake District, which straddles the Andes from Chile to Argentina.

The Torres del Paine National Park offers an outstanding trekking loop, winding through old growth beech forests and passing massive glaciers and towering granite peaks. Trekking here is at relatively low elevation, which makes this a fabulous big mountain trip without the dangers and annoyances of acclimatization. Before departing from Punta Arenas we take a day to explore islands teeming with sea life, penguins, seals and birds.

Further north, the Los Glaciares National Park contains the Fitzroy Massif, which boasts arguably the world’s most astounding granite peaks and the breathtaking Moreno Glacier. Los Glaciares offers great trekking, ice and rock climbing and also wildlife viewing.

The Lake District of Patagonia is the most diverse area of Patagonia when it comes to adventure. In this area you can find endless trekking routes, rock and mountain climbing, kayaking, rafting, horseback riding, windsurfing and more! This is a great place for adventure with friends or family. With Pacific Northwest-style volcanic cones, geysers, natural hot springs and the endless series of lakes, refugios and villages, the Lake District offers something for everyone.

Patagonia boasts one of the world’s most truly amazing landscapes and should be on the “must do” list for any serious mountain lover!