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Our Bhutan adventure focuses on the GNH – the Gross National Happiness!  of it’s people.  Need we say more? This Himalayan gem of a country is located in the east end of the Himalaya, a 45 minute flight from Kathmandu. In Bhutan spirituality is a way of life, culture is preserved and environmental protection a top priority.  The fortunate visitor to this Himalayan Kingdom will find smiling locals, an unhurried pace and a peaceful rhythm in this mountainous country.

Bhutan’s mountains and rivers offer great hiking, rafting and the amazing “dzongs” (fortress-like citadels) that dominate each valley add to the cultural intrigue of the country. Going to Bhutan with Mountain Spirits guarantees that you will not be stuck on a “cookie cutter” trip with extended time sitting on a bus between monastery visits. We offer the perfect combination of adventure and culture here. Any type of trekking can be done, from lower altitude ridge hikes, to long, high altitude Himalayan journeys. Rafting is a great way to see village life and the amazing birds that inhabit Bhutan. And for the adventurous, mountain biking is a great way to travel through the many different valleys of Bhutan. All of our trips offer unforgettable insight into this mystical Himalayan country.

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