Family Heli Ski Greenland!

Greenland 2022 was an epic family adventure! Heli-skiing in Greenland isn’t some rad, gnarly ski adventure like “A-Kay” (Alaska) but an EXPERIENCE. It is a remote, wild place of endless fjords to ski & explore, NO people, “Polar Powder” and wildlife.  It is a GREAT place for families and friends to go and share an epic ski trip in one of the last remote places left on planet earth!  See for yourself…

Friends and Families love Greenland!
Our new live-aboard, ice breaking ship TULU!
Northern Lights in April
Let’s ski on down from here!
View of our ski terrain from the heli!
Greenlandic glaciers and ICE CAP in the distance
Family fun in Greenland!
This smart dad takes one kid at a time to Greenland 🙂 Here he is with his youngest of 3. Time to bring them all!
Evening light on the TULU
Polar Powder!
Looking out to the sea from one of our favorite runs!
Greenlandic fishing village


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