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October 30, 2016

Dolpo~trekking in a remote region of Nepal

Did you know the roots of Mountain Spirits are in Nepal?  We started our first guided trips in this lovely country in 1996! Our first trips went primarily to the Everest and Annapurna regions.  Then we  branched  out to more remote areas.  It took us 20 years to reach the region pictured below (DOLPO) as it is a very remote area in the far west of Nepal and has only recently opened. It was incredible!…
February 15, 2016

Nepal Relief Trip – by Lisa Vaughn

Traveling to Nepal in January 2016 was a very different experience for me.  My biggest challenges weren’t the usual altitude, cold weather, long days hiking or the lack of showers.  This trip I struggled most with the ache in my heart. The dichotomy of Nepal was very prominent this year.  All that I love was at its best; hiking lofty ridge lines with unobstructed views of the snowy Himalaya, trail time with Tek, Junga, Bhim, Mingma and Yam;…
August 27, 2015

Come in Out of the Rain

As many of you know, summer is monsoon season in Nepal.  Immediately following the earthquake was quite a race against the clock to get people covered before the rains began to fall.  Our friends at Himalayan Aid did a great job getting sheet metal to people in remote villages in order to really get a "roof" over their heads.  In addition, the sheet metal will be able to be used in the reconstruction of their…