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April 20, 2022

Family Heli-Ski Greenland!

Greenland 2022 was an epic family adventure! Heli-skiing in Greenland isn't some rad, gnarly ski adventure like "A-Kay" (Alaska) but an EXPERIENCE. It is a remote, wild place of endless fjords to ski & explore, NO people, "Polar Powder" and wildlife.  It is a GREAT place for families and friends to go and share an epic ski trip in one of the last remote places left on planet earth!  See for yourself... Friends and Families…
Polar Bear & 2 Cubs
BlogGreenlandHeli Ski
May 10, 2021

GREENLAND 2021: Tales from East Greenland

East Greenland Slide Show above :)After months of  what we called "As Greenland Turns," Pete was finally granted entry into Greenland to run his postponed expedition to East Greenland.  East Greenland boasts the LARGEST NATIONAL PARK ON EARTH and Pete had 2 weeks of Heli-skiing and adventuring planned and ready to go.  All of our ski trips in Greenland are on the SW coast so this was our first time running a trip to the…
GreenlandHeli Ski
March 2, 2015

Ski Greenland Powder!

Mountain Spirits is proud to announce the addition of a new website to our family!  We have built a new site dedicated to the ski trips we offer in the various amazing destinations across the globe:  Check it out!!