NEW Sailing Destination in Sicily Egadi Islands

Egadi Islands… Ever heard of them? Everyone has heard of Sicily (especially after the latest season of White Lotus) but where does one actually sail in Sicily?  Just around the island?  Nope.  There are two sets of island sailing destinations, the Aeolian Islands (NE of Sicily) and the Egadi Islands (W of Sicily).  The Aeolians are a group of seven (some very active!) volcanic islands rising steeply out of the sea whereas the Egadian islands (shown below) are five mountainous islands made up primarily of limestone and in some cases, granite.  Both offer incredible exploration and hiking opportunities but the Egadi Islands, being the furthest from the coast of both Sicily and Italy, offer some of the clearest water we have seen on any of our sailing trips!  Check out the photos below.

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