Sandy Weaver, E. Wenatchee, WA

“I took my first trip with Mountain Spirits in November of 1997. Twelve ladies from Washington State signed up to trek through Nepal on an old Tibetan Trading Route. We stayed in Katmandu for a couple of days, and then flew to Pokara, a beautiful city situated on a lake before flying to Jomeson to begin our eight day trek. We stayed in Tea Houses along the way, enjoying the food cooked by either the owners of the Tea Houses or the Mountain Spirits staff. The trip was flawless from the land and air travel, to the accommodations, food, Nepali Porters, who became like family and our guide, Kim Jacobs. I was told that one trip to the Himalaya Mountains would not be you last. So sure enough, a few years later I traveled to Bhutan with Mountain Spirits, again guided by Kim Jacobs. This trip was very small with only four women, Kim, our driver and a guide from Bhutan. One of Mountain Spirits Guidesfrom Nepal traveled to Bhutan to be with us. Pete Patterson had a group of travelers from Australia in Bhutan at the same time andwe met for lunch one day so the Guide from Nepal could continue on with Pete. We all shed many tears when Janga Rai left us that day. The Bhutan trip included day hikes, three festivals, and even river rafting. An unforgettable trip for sure.

After leaving Bhutan we traveled to Railay Beach on the Andaman Sea in Thailand for eight days. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Both of these trips included a couple of days in Bangkok allowing us to see the sights of the big city. My husband and I traveled to Thailand last year to visit Bangkok for a couple of days and then on to Koi Yao Noi and Railay Beach with Mountain Spirits. Another wonderful experience arranged by Mountain Spirits. I would recommend Mountain Spirits to anyone interested in a very unique, intimate experience with the best guides and staff ever. You absolutely leave a Mountain Spirits trip feeling like you have acquired a wonderful, new extended family.”

Mountain Spirits traveler since 1997


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