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PATAGONIA!  In December we returned to Patagonia for a hiking, sea kayaking and horseback riding trip in Torres del Paine.  Every time we visit this stunning national park in Chile, we fall deeper in love with it.  The sheer beauty of the mountains, the turquoise lakes and the abundant wildlife makes it one of the most amazing parks in the world.  If you love hiking and nature, this park should be high on your list!

WILDLIFE!  Some of the wildlife you will encounter in Patagonia include: guanacos (left), Andean condors, pumas (the puma population is on the rise here), rheas (aka nandu-the large ostrich type bird), red and grey foxes and over 400 bird species including the incredibly colorful Magenllenic Woodpecker.  In December the wild flowers are blooming.

ACTIVITIES include (but are not limited to) hiking, mountain biking, horse back riding, sea kayaking, and walking in crampons on the Grey Glacier.  You can take a boat cruises to see the icebergs calving.  Patagonia is an adventure lover’s dream!  It also has notoriously wild weather so one must be prepared to “live all four seasons in a single day.”

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There are nine species of orchids found in Patagonia. Here we have a shot of the gorgeous Lady Slipper orchid and the incredibly large and colorful Magellenic Woodpecker and adorable baby guanacos.

WHEN TO GO:  The best season for visiting Patagonia is November through March.  Christmas through January is the busiest.

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