Exotic Bhutan!

Bhutanese Dzong

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is one of wonder and mystery.  Unlike it’s nearby neighbor, Nepal, Bhutan was not open for travel until not too long ago.  To this day, you cannot travel through Bhutan without being escorted by a (traditionally dressed) Bhutanese guide.  Not many trekking routes are open, nor are there many peaks open for climbing.  Bhutan has done it’s best to keep 60%+ of it’s forests intact.  The rivers run wild without dams. The potential for adventure is HUGE here!  The incredible monasteries in every valley are mind blowing.

We have been running trips to Bhutan for nearly 20 years!  We pioneered adventure trips in Bhutan.  We were getting feedback from our more adventurous clients (who visited Bhutan without us) that they spent too much time on tour busses and not enough time out in the fresh mountain air enjoying activities.   Our trips combine both…hiking, biking, rafting and also visiting the incredible cultural sites that only Bhutan is known for (ie:  the dzongs).  Drop us a line for more information on our trips here…Bhutan is best visited in spring and fall.

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