Disaster in Nepal

What We Know

Nepal_007On April 25, 2015 there was a devastating, magnitude 7.9 earthquake in Nepal with its epicenter 43 miles northwest of Kathmandu. Reports are flooding in with staggering statistics on the number of people who have died or are injured. Kathmandu was hit hard, many UNESCO World Heritage sites that survived the massive earthquake of 1934 have crumbled.  Flights are disrupted and power and communication sparse. Remote villages have not been reached and many close to the epicenter have been reportedly flattened.  Further east on Mt. Everest avalanches took their toll and climbers and team members have been lost and/or stranded.

How to help now

We have heard from many of you asking how you can help.  It is still early in the disaster and news will continue to pour in by the hour. It will take some time for us – and the world – to truly understand the scope of this tragic event. Mountain Spirits will be setting up a fund to assist our friends and families in Nepal and we will make 100% sure that it goes to the people who need it. But until the dust literally settles, we will not know what we need.

Many groups are already mobilized and working (ie: ICRC) but a disaster of this magnitude will require funds over an extended period of time so we suggest you do your homework and be patient. if you have the ability, you might consider giving now, and then giving later. Disaster relief is now, development and recovery work will come later.

Here are some suggestions for immediate aid:

1.  The Dzi Foundation:  This organization has field staff in villages all over Nepal.  These people are able to assess what is needed NOW and implement it. We know and trust them!

2.  The American Himalayan Foundation: We know, work with. trust and support this organization.  They have set up an Earthquake relief fund.

3.  The Juniper Fund:  Founded by our friend Melissa Arnot and her colleague from Eddie Bauer, this fund gives aid to relatives of deceased Nepali climbers on Everest and elsewhere.

How to Help Later

There will be many opportunities to help as we receive more information.  We are planning a November aid trip and will keep you all informed of our plans as they develop. Please share our information.  Anyone interested in donating tents, clothes, shoes etc should contact Mountain Spirits.  We have a warehouse in Kathmandu full of clothes, tents and cooking supplies that we will donate to people in need as soon as we can.

Fly Your Prayer Flags

Nepal is one of our favorite places on earth, our second home.  This disaster is heart wrenching.  We know the world is sending help and love in a million different ways. Early in the disaster, before the phone lines went completely dead, we reached a friend and asked what we could do and she replied simply “pray for us.”  Let’s all pray.  And donate.  And help in any way we can.  Namaste

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