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Come in Out of the Rain

By August 27, 2015September 3rd, 2019No Comments

come in out of the rain 2As many of you know, summer is monsoon season in Nepal.  Immediately following the earthquake was quite a race against the clock to get people covered before the rains began to fall.  Our friends at Himalayan Aid did a great job getting sheet metal to people in remote villages in order to really get a “roof” over their heads.  In addition, the sheet metal will be able to be used in the reconstruction of their homes.  2 birds with one stone, if you will.  Thanks to the money we have raised through the Mountain Spirits Fund we were able to get our Langtang family into a “room” (as they call it in Nepal) aka an “apartment” or “flat” depending on your country of origin.  To remind you, the Langtang Village was completely 100% destroyed.  Nothing left, nothing salvaged.  These people are adjusting to starting from zero.  If you would like more information on situation in Nepal, rebuilding efforts, donations, etc, contact us.  We will be there this fall to help out however we can.