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June 1, 2015

Update from a friend volunteering in Nepal

Below is an update on the Nepal situation from a good friend who is volunteering for Himalayan Aid.  Himalayan Aid is providing (amon many things) sheet metal for families to incorporate into their temporary housing so that when they are able to reconstruct their homes, they will already have the roof metal.  Brilliant. "Jim's running a great little operation. The key part it is facilitating the Nepalis to help other Nepalis dig out and get…
June 1, 2015

Lisa Vaughn, Wenatchee, WA

"Hard to say in a few words what Mountain Spirits means to me and why I spend 11 months anticipating the next adventure with you!! Kind of crazy! 1998 was to be my one and only "once in a a lifetime dream trip" come true! It was amazing and life changing and I was sure it couldn't get any better!! Now, 16 years and 15 trips later, I feel the same after every trip and…