In December we  sailed across the Drake Passage to Antarctica!  What an incredible journey it was.  We were happy to sail across as the early explorers did.  (You can bet I wouldn’t be saying that if it had been rough!) We experienced waves rated 3 out of 10 (1 being the “Drake Lake” and 10 the “Drake Shake”).   The trip across takes around 48 hours and all the while you are being escorted by seabirds and migrating whales.  With every passing hour the excitement builds!. As soon as we arrived, expeditions began!  In the morning and afternoons we hopped on board a zodiac and headed to land to (drum roll) hang out with penguins!  Most days we hiked and some we sea kayaked.  The sea life here is astounding!  Chinstrap, Gentoo and Adelie Penguins about with sea lions, sea leopards (especially scary for those of us that have read Endurance) and plenty of whales.  Every day is completely different, with a different mix of wildlife and landscape.  It is completely possible to see how one could spend years here exploring.  The glaciers and icebergs were incredible.  We saw “tabular” icebergs up to 1 mile long. Mind bending.  Antarctica is a photographer’s paradise!  Like the Grand Canyon, Antarctica is one of those places that you must try and visit once in your lifetime.  Pure magic!

National Geographic Explorer
Penguins on Iceberg
Penguin chicks
Killer Whales
Orca Whales
Tabular Iceberg
Sea kayaking
Sea Kayak
Wedell Seal

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